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Where do I find a tutorial or manual for the Audio Processing Tool?

Click on "How To" in the upper area in your projects menu and a video with a short tutorial for our audio tool features pops up.

Here is a direct link to the same video on youtube:

I want to use Traxo on my Mac via Safari, why will it not work?

For now Traxo only works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It might also work with Internet Explorer, but does anybody actually care…?

Where can I find support if I have another question?

Send an Email to:,, or

Registration & Invitation

Can I register without having a facebook account?

Yes, we just developed a manual Log In for our users.

How do I invite friends to projects?

  1. In case your friend is already registered on Traxo via Facebook Connect simply type in your friends Facebook Name (check if he might have a different name on Facebook) and press Enter. He then will be added to the project.
  2. In case your friend is not already registered on Traxo via Facebook Connect type in the Email address of your friend and he will get an invitation to the project to his Email account.

Audio Studio - General

Are there any short cuts for the audio tool to be used faster?

right arrow = jump one second forward with the playhead

left arrow = jump one second back with the playhead

r = record

space = pause/play

backspace = jump to the start of the track with the playhead

How can I set the rhythm for the metronome? How can I set the beats per minute BPM? How can I change the signature?

Click on the time display. The time display will change to the rhythm settings. Type in your desired bpm and speed. The metronome will automatically adjust. You can also change the signature there.

I’d like to cut sequences. What should I do?

We currently only support cutting the beginning and end of a recorded sequence. This works as follows: simply click on the left or right edge of a seqence and drag to the desired cut position.

To get the effect of cutting out the middle of a sequence:

  1. Cut the end of the original sequence until the audio position left of the cut-out.
  2. Go to the Audio Library and "drag-and-drop" the same recording a further time onto the track.
  3. Cut the beginning of the new sequence, until the audio position right of the cut-out.
  4. Adjust the position of both sequences as desired.

How do I go back to the projects menu?

Slide over the name of your project over the time display with your cursor and click on "Leave project and go back to your project menu"

... or simply click the "Return to last page" button in your browser.

How do I make a mixdown?

Press the mixdown button in the upper right area of the audio processing tool. Mixdown window will pop up. Press the "+" Button to the left of "Mixdown" and a mixdown will be created.

I deleted an audio sequence that I did not want to delete, what do I do?

Press the audio library button in the upper right area of the audio processing tool. The Audio Library will pop up. Search for the audio sequence and pull it back into the track.

Hint: Open the audio library after recording and rename audio sequences. Later it will be easier to find them again.


Why do I hear myself twice when I record?

Probably the monitor in the audio tool is activated. Deactivate the monitor button in the upper left are of the audio tool and try again.

Why do I hear previously recorded audio sequences in the background of new recordings?

You need to record with headphones on as soon as you record over other audio sequences, so that the microphone will not record the audio sequences again.

How do I setup my laptop microphone?

You need to do this on your computer directly, Traxo has no permission to change your microphone setting. Be sure to allow your browser to use your laptop microphone for Traxo the first time you want to record. Usually your browser should memorize that permission for the next time you use your microphone for Traxo. If not, go to the settings of your browser and allow your browser to use the microphone for Traxo.

How do I setup my microphone/instrument/direct Input?

Plug In your instrument via a mixer or/and USB. then setup the audio system settings for your Mac or Windows. Traxo does not have the permission to change your audio hardware settings on your computer.