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What’s New?

Version Flying Pegasus (2.1)

Creator-is-King function:

Creators of projects can now promote other participants to admins. A participant can either be an admin or a normal participant. This way we want the creator of a project to have the upper hand about his idea. However, we believe in our users to treat other compositions/sources with respect and hope that you all work together on a trusty basis when it comes to making music.


Admins have all the deletion rights in the audio tool. They can freely delete sources, tracks, versions and the whole project as they wish. Every participant of a song can be an admin and have the full rights to manage the projects.

Simply press the crown symbol in the projects menu to promote/un-promote another user.

Black crown = admin

Transparent crown = normal participant.

Note: if you promote other users to the admin status, they have full rights to promote/un-promote other participants and you as well.

Normal participant:

Normal participants have fewer rights of deletion in the audio tool. They can only delete their sources from the audio library. Furthermore, they cannot delete tracks, mixdowns, projects or other members from the projects. We think that most of you work on a very close trusty basis when it comes to making music, but we developed this function to let the creator of a project decide how to assign the rights.

Keep-it-clean function:

Easily delete sequences, sources from the audio library, tracks, versions, mixdowns and whole projects by pressing the X symbols.

Admins are also able to delete other participants from the projects.

Note: you are now also able to delete yourself from projects, if you want to leave them.

Baptize function:

You can now easily rename projects, sources from the audio library and versions for a better organization of your project’s structure.

Simply click on the names directly, change them and save them by clicking somewhere else in the audio tool.

Bugs fixed in version “Flying Pegasus”:

- Wave structures of the audio sequences are loading faster

- Recording is synchronal to the metronome

- Playing is parallel to the playhead